Pastoral Reflections, The Second Week of Advent, Our 38th week in Official Pandemic Status – December 11, 2020

Part Two – a continuing reflection from last week…the musings of a pandemic weary pastor.
So, Mary said yes to the angel of God. Mary was willing, bless her! To become the bearer of God’s good news. And what a gift it was to the whole world! More than Mary could even know. That’s when Advent as we know it, really began.
Which makes me think of the COVID vaccine that’s due to be approved any moment now. This is an advent moment of another kind. A gift is coming to the whole world. Some would even call it God-given. Perhaps not since the advent of the Salk and Sabin vaccines for polio have people of every culture, nation, and community been called to join such a life-affirming effort.
The implication of a yes to this preventative measure is far-reaching. It’s about the community as much as it is about the individual. It’s a yes to the teachers and children who long to be in school. It’s a yes to our churches, our senior centers and to family centers, to businesses and to birthday parties so we can all gather again. It’s a yes for the unseen world beyond our view. 
It will take willing people for this to be effective in bringing an end to the pandemic in the near term. This is simply the mathematics of immunization. If the majority of those who are eligible say yes, the ray of hope that has seemed so dim for so many months will grow exponentially. This is the mathematics of faith.  
A long time ago Mary’s quiet yes brought new life to the world. Hers was an act of love for a world in deep need. The very first advent of hope. What a gift of faith!
Advent Blessings,
Pr. Beth

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