A Pastoral  Reflection, Our 27th week in official pandemic status – September 24, 2020

The wind started howling in the early hours of the day and soon evergreen branches, twigs, and leaves littered the streets.  The skies darkened and the rain fell in drenching waves.  The first storm of the autumn arrived, and more will follow.
The power of storms is something that we often respond to emotionally and spiritually as much as physically.  They create havoc but also clear out old stuff and dead stuff.  They force us to assess our weaknesses and to rebuild.
I think of this as I think of the issues that swirl around us these days.  We face many things: a daunting virus, a changing climate, rethinking race, discernment in upcoming elections.  Who can we turn to for wisdom?  Who can we trust?  Well…Jesus of course.  
Remember this: Jesus is God’s living Word that continues to guide and instruct us.  Holding fast to the principle of love that Jesus lived and taught, it’s hard to go too far wrong.  And when (not if!) we do fail to get it right, Jesus shows us the way through death into a whole new world.  Which is a good thing. 
Pr. Beth    

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