A Pastoral Reflection, Week Four of Easter, A Year of Pandemic Living and Counting — May 1, 2021

I’ve heard a lot of stories about people finding the time during the pandemic to initiate home renovations. We’re a bit late to the game, but this week, spurred on by the town’s annul offer to haul off large items we decided to go for it. We went small though…in our case, it was carpet that needed to go.
Between us, the dog, the cats, and the generous offerings of nature, the wall-to-wall carpet in our main room had to go. It was a light color after all. And besides, it was already pretty tired when we bought the house three years ago. Every attempt at cleaning was unsuccessful.
So we tore up the old carpet. (Well, half of it anyway.) I’d done some poking around, and had a suspicion that there had once been a wood floor. But with a later addition it was hard to know what might be there now.
Underneath. Below the dirty carpet hiding drifts of detritus was a wood floor. A bit scarred with time, dented and scratched. But lovely. I believe it may be fir. Its narrow boards are yellow-red grain. And it still glows with a lovely soft patina. What a gift.
As we find our way forward from these past many months, what hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered or re-discovered? What are things that we can renew individually and in our faith community? Out of things old and things new we will fashion the future.  
Pr. Beth

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