A Pastoral Reflection, The Fourth Week of Epiphany, the Umpteenth Week of Official Pandemic Status – February 5, 2021

So this week the residents of the Village here in Friday Harbor received their second COVID-19 vaccine dose. This is wonderful news for them, and it seems as though there is a growing sense of good cheer about the place. Several people from our faith community who live at the Village received the vaccine, including my mother.
And this leads me to a little update. My mother Phyllis has received lovely cards and also an amazing quilt and she is truly overwhelmed at the support and full of gratitude. So together we say, thank you! 
We are spending quality time with family and people who are part of Phyllis’s support team. I will be “out of the office” for a another week as I spend time with her tying up loose ends and helping her explore the possibility of cornering the market on ice cream.
There is a word for this kind of time. It’s Kairos time, amazing luminescent, non-linear time. It’s also called God-time. And so it is. God is here. And we are celebrating that.
Pr. Beth 

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