A Pastoral Reflection, The First Week of Lent – February 19, 2021

I’ve come to really appreciate the word curate. I always used to think it’s how a museum display is put together. Now I know that the word attends to many more things, all of them beautiful.
So, for example, I think of how a meal could be curated rather than just prepared. What happens when a cook considers many possibilities, and lovingly selects foods that play wonderfully together? The result might be a meal that is an unexpected tour of another culture and country, or brings a festival event right to your own table. A curated meal may even become embedded in our memory so that long years later we recall the intense pleasure of that meal, and the people with whom we dined.   
Or, I was out the other day in the snowstorm walking the dog and saw how a neighbor’s willow tree is loaded with buds. I thought of God as nature’s great curator using a multidimensional palate of temperature, soil, and water, and the movements of planets. Out of these common things come seasons, sunsets, tides, death, and life.
This Lent we have curated a Lenten midweek gathering for you. It will be small tastes of the spiritual things that nourish. In just thirty minutes we will offer a piece of quiet music here, a taste of bread and wine there, a bit of God’s Word, and night prayers from Iona to send you into the evening well. We’re calling it: Bread and Wine, Healing and Hope.
Please join us online, each Wednesday at 5:30 for five weeks. 
Pr. Beth

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