A Pastoral Reflection, Our 19th week in official pandemic status – October 16, 2020

As I write this reflection, it’s the evening of World Food day.  Probably all of us had enough to eat today, and more than enough.  We are the fortunate ones.
But it can be surprisingly easy to forget the blessings we have.  A list of grievances is not far from our hearts.  No matter how much of anything good we have, more is always better.
It’s good to remember how passionate Jesus was about feeding people.  Perhaps he believed that no one listens well, or learns well, or rests well with an empty belly.  Or perhaps the cries of the hungry ones unsettled his soul.  So Jesus invited everyone to his table, a true feast of love.       
And so we pray: Lord Jesus Christ:

In your abundant love, you blessed five loaves and two fish so that thousands might be fed.

Open our hearts and hands to extend your abundant love today, that we might renew our commitment to ending hunger and poverty in our communities and throughout the world.

On World Food Day, we honor the global commitment to end extreme hunger and poverty. Empower our advocacy by the strength of your Spirit so that we might persist in fulfilling God’s vision of a world without hunger.

Grant our elected leaders the courage and determination to ensure an equitable distribution of God’s abundant resources so that those experiencing hunger and the effects of the global pandemic may fully thrive.

In your name we pray, Amen.

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